Company History

Apollo Sheet Metal has a long history rooted in Vancouver’s ever-changing business landscape. In February 1970, Apollo Sheet Metal opened the doors to a 2,500-square-foot shop on Charlotte Road in North Vancouver. It had five employees.

Six years later the business had 25 employees and moved to Palm Avenue in Burnaby, and in 1980 Apollo Sheet Metal relocated again to a 10,000-square-foot shop on Short Street in Burnaby. The Short Street shop was later expanded by 5,000 square feet as the business flourished and provided gainful employment for 35-65 people.

In 1992, the company moved into “Apollo 1,” a 34,000-square-foot, custom-built shop that would become the first in a three-building development that launched the business into high production.

“Apollo 2” followed in 2004, adding 26,000 square feet, and in 2010 “Apollo 3” opened its doors, offering an additional 29,000 square feet for production and three levels of office space. This new space and the determination of a 75- to 85-person base crew have created endless possibilities for Apollo Sheet Metal. 

Apollo’s first t-shirt 1971