PARQ Urban Resort

The PARQ Resort & Casino was a fast-paced challenging project for Apollo Sheet Metal that put all our resources to the test. The scope of work included HVAC for 4 floors of parking, 72,000 sq/ft of gaming areas, 5 restaurants, a 6,700 sq/ft Spa, over 60,000 sq/ft of meeting space and 517 hotel rooms divided between the 17 storey Douglas and 18 & 26 storey JW Marriott towers.

Financial Performance / Profitability

The PARQ Resort and Casino came in on budget and on schedule. The final contract value was very close to preliminary numbers dating back to when the project was first announced.

Schedule Met

Schedule was always on our mind during the project. Due to structural design, the job was late coming out of the ground which meant a later start for the mechanical portion of work. Revised dates were issued and everyone worked very hard to ensure that these new dates were met. When hotel rooms and functions are booked, there really was no option for failure.

Value Engineering & Innovations

Early in the project, Apollo reviewed washroom configurations and was able to combine exhaust runs for the shower and W/C area into a single duct. This helped reduce congestion in the ceiling and the amount of access required for each of the 517 hotel rooms.

A number of specialized products were used on the PARQ Resort and Casino that helped create a more polished finish. All washroom exhaust runs in both hotels were fitted with an MR Modulo Aldes Valve that automatically regulated airflows in the duct systems. The passive control element responds to duct pressure and required no electric or pneumatic sensors or controls. The MR Modulo compensates for changes in duct pressure caused by thermal stack effect, building pressure, dust-clogged filters, etc. This meant one less access door in every washroom ceiling in the hotel rooms.

Tablets and Fieldwire software was also used on the project. With everyone being on the same system the quality of info in and out was second to none. The General Contractor (Ellis Don) hyperlinked SIs, changes and shop drawings right onto the individual sheets in the drawing sets. Information was quick and accurate. 

Challenges & Resolutions

The lack of lay-down area when bringing material on site is always an issue when working Downtown. It was important for us to implement, on time delivery. This was tricky task as we were sending a 50ft truck and trailer to site twice a week for nearly a year. Another challenge was the RFI and change paperwork. Integral provided an Engineer for a full day once per week working out of the same trailers as the Mechanical team. This allowed us to clarify issues and understand design intent which enabled us to proceed sooner and with less hold-ups. In my opinion, this collaboration was key to the success of the project.

Apollo worked with CADmakers to utilize their detailing expertise to carefully route the 4- 1000mm to 1250mm kitchen exhaust runs (see above) through the roof steel while maintaining the grades for grease outlined in NFPA-96. This helped point out conflicts long before material arrived on site giving everyone time to find resolutions.

With 5 restaurants over 6 floors, the kitchen exhaust duct was some of the largest that Apollo had ever come across. We had to reach out to Smacna’s head office in Virginia for clarification to ensure that the ductwork was built to the appropriate spec. The combination of meeting NFPA requirements while ensuring the duct was robust enough to withstand the internal and external pressures placed on it.    

We had a major staffing change in May of 2016 just as the job was starting to move into high gear. We had to move a full-time project Manager to site to oversee the work and act as a liaison for the 5 foremen that we had working on site. At our peak we had a 40-person crew working 6 days/week. The job had to be split into manageable pieces of work with individual foreman running each area. Each of the foreman brought unique skills to each of their work areas. Combined this lead to a very affective team working in unison.

Sustainable Construction - LEED, Living Building, Green building or similar

Apollo utilized water based duct sealers and acoustic duct insulation with high recycled content. The project obtained LEED Gold standard.

Safety Record

Apollo monitored and promoted safe work throughout the course of the project. We implemented one successful return to work program and maintained no lost time accidents.

Site cooperation

Considering the pressure that Ellis Don must have been under to keep the project moving forward, there was always a team attitude. They pushed hard and held everyone to committed dates but were always willing to jump in to help remove roadblocks that would prevent you from being able to do your work. One example of this was when they wanted us to start installing 12ft wide HVAC duct mains before the shoring was removed The shoring was on 8ft centres, it's easy to do the math and see why this wouldn't work. Ellis Don was quick to provide solutions and remove any excuses. A path was cleared, and ducts were installed sooner than normally possible.

Material Management

Apollo utilized pre-fabricated rolling carts for nearly all deliveries to site. This allowed us to shrink wrap everything at our shop and roll it directly to the work areas. We also fabricated wooden crates with pallets as bases for hotel material deliveries. We were able to drop the loads on each floor while out-riggers were still setup but meant that we could break the pallets down to get them out through doors and back to our shop where they could be re-used. This allowed us to utilize the crane before the material hoist was extended up to the floor where work was starting. This gave us a 2-3 week head start on every floor.


Maintaining quality is always important but became a key task at the Casino. When hundreds of hotel rooms across multiple floors all start to look the same, you know you have a problem. We had to create QAQC check sheets for each of the floors with all units listed. Dedicated trades people would review progress and note incomplete or deficient work. Ellis Don also utilized Fieldwire which provided access to all trades noting issues and backing everything up with photos etc to help illustrate incomplete or deficient work. This system worked very well for tracking all info.


Esteban Kello- Integral Group

“To say that the Parq project was challenging is putting it mildly.  Multiple stakeholders and a variety of program spaces each with their own specific (and sometimes conflicting) requirements resulted in a sheet metal design that was not only complex, but immense in scope.  Taking all of this into account, I can say it was a pleasure to work with Apollo Sheet Metal (ASM) on the Parq project.  ASM were team players, willing to work around the clock to keep the project moving forward on schedule, and open to cooperating with other trades onsite to eliminate delays.  The fact that the sheet metal involved ranged in size from as wide as 12 feet to as small as 4 inches speaks to ASM’s ability to adapt to anything thrown their way.  I would recommend ASM as the sheet metal trade contractor on any future project.  I’d also like to personally thank Jeremy Hallman and his team for their hard work in helping this project reach the finish line on schedule.”

Wow Factor

Sheet Metal Contractors, custom manufacture almost all the HVAC supplied on a job like PARQ. The parts and pieces are not standard, so they can't be ordered from a supplier and picked up the following day. Orders needed to be queued in to the production schedule with reasonable lead time to give the shop enough time to take it from coiled flat sheet to finished product.

 In total, Apollo manufactured, delivered and installed 995,000 pounds of sheet metal for the PARQ project over an 18 month period. The flat, square footage of ductwork would fill the floor area of BC Place Stadium just over 6 times.